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Write it Out March 4, 2023

How to start practicing mindfulness 

Picking and choosing from some of the above tips can help you start practicing mindfulness. If you’re not feeling drawn to a particular activity, don’t try it. The goal is not to do everything. It’s to find something that does work for you. Maybe one tip feels better to you one day, while a more low-key option suits your energy level at another time. 

Getting to a point where you can stay focused in the present takes practice. However, there’s no right (or wrong) way to practice mindfulness. The trick, at least at first, is to set realistic goals.

Take 10-20 minutes to center yourself, breathe deeply and clear your mind. Then wrote whatever comes to your mind with this prompt:

How does your body feel when it is connected vs. disconnected and where do you feel it? Be specific.


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