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Healing Inside

Have you ever longed for a place to be yourself?

To come together with other women who have had similar life experiences as you?

This was something I longed for, for a very long time. Before I released my childhood experiences and shared what I had gone through, full-belonging was impossible. I was in spaces like Girl Scouts, soccer, softball, and some other groups, but never did I talk about what was going on at home or what I had been through, I just knew no one knew what I was going through.

Then came the day I was able to unleash my voice and the life story of my growing up. One person that I was sharing with, paused and said "me too" and hugged me. This was the beginning for me of a journey of healing. There were others like me, women who had suffered through their childhood. A place that I could belong and others would understand me!~

I longed for so many years - to be heard, to have a space to come together with others that understand...maybe not my exact trauma, but understand the journey of coming out of the mud and into a beautiful flower.

SoulFire became exactly what it needed to be - a place for healing and community.

I excited to be in this journey with you all!

xoxo Pennie

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